A Dynamic Skills Developer, Sales & Business Coach

Certified Business  Developer in South Africa

with more than a decade of experience



"I am not a Realist, I am a Believest...which means my reality will have to be subjected to what i believe"

Meet Jerome Naicker


Hello, my name is Jerome Naicker. I'm a Business Developer with more than a decade of experience. I have been working as developer in some of the largest corporations and most esteemed consultancies. I provide a large variety of business services to companies and organisations of any size. The experience I have gained over the past decade is impeccable and this is why companies I have served still use my services to advance.

Business & Sales made easy


Let me worry about the numbers, balance sheets and bottom line, while you focus on what you're best at. Whether you're running a one-man shop or an international corporation, I can take care of all your business and sales needs.

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